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User Interfaces:
Man-Machine Interfaces

Nearly all devices have to offer direct control by users.

It is increasingly important that this control is possible without long training, fast and easy. The risk of misuse can be minimized by clear arrangement and operator guidance. And if still something doesn't work, you need reasonable and helpful error messages for troubleshooting. All these are aspects of software ergonomics (or: usability).

We have the technical knowledge to understand devices and their applications. And we can put ourselves in the position of the user. This is why we are able to guide the operator correctly.

  • Integrated Control Panels

    In most cases small displays and a limited number of keys or touch space demand focussing on the essential things. Nonetheless, we meet the claim to be able to control a device simply and clearly.

  • Remote Control Panels

    We develop the communication protocol between control panel and device in such a way that the control panel firmware is independent of the firmware version of the device. We make sure that in the case of failure the communication between control panel and device does not lead to a locked display or wrong actual values or operating states.

  • PC or Tablet Software

    Here we have more processing power and a bigger display. In most cases the operating software has to meet even higher demands.

    We make sure that you don't have to deliver a new operating software with every firmware update. Or even have to have different versions in stock to cater to all firmware versions.

    For us it is self-evident that the communication works in a background thread, so that the software stays operable even in case of connection problems with the device or connection loss.

All this and more is what we can do for you. We develop clearly structured, high quality software. We use tools for static source code analysis (Lint), to guarantee the high quality of our software.

We deliver documented source code. You can do the maintenance of the software yourselves, or you can let us do it for you.

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