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Industrial-Strengh Embedded and Windows Software

In most cases a PC has almost endless resources: processing power, memory space, time for calculations, standardized drivers and interfaces. But in embedded systems this is rarely the case.

We can adapt to the limits of an embedded system. We can make optimal use of different memories in a system. We know how to access an I/O-port, how to use interrupts and to design and program parallel processes with real-time capability efficiently.

We use C/C++, Python or FORTRAN. We can work with Windows, Linux, RTOS or Bare-Metal.

We are engineers - not just programmers: We are able to measure what is happening inside the device. We have the measurement devices and know how to use them. And we know how the components work that we are controlling. We can read and understand schematics and data sheets.

We develop clearly structured, high quality software. Industrial-strengh means software that runs 24 hours, 365 days per year without the need for periodic shutdowns to remain stable. We use tools for static source code analysis, to guarantee the high quality of our software.

We deliver documented source code. You can do the maintenance of the software yourselves, or you can let us do it for you.

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