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As a team we accomplish more than just the sum of individuals, because we complement and add to one another.

Because of our experience in different companies and projects we can develop quickly an efficient solution also for new problems and tasks. And then successfully put it into practice.

Dr.-Ing. Joachim Wiesemann

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
"The versatile out-of-the-box thinker"

  • Speciality power engineering
  • Speciality electronics, measurement engineering
  • Control design
  • System architecture
  • System analysis
  • Specifications
  • Software implementation C/C++

Vita of Dr. Joachim Wiesemann.

T+49.241.9973 606
F+49.241.9973 608

Monika Stern

Mathematical-technichal assistant, software engineer
"The scrutiniser"

  • Software implementation C/C++
  • GUI programming
  • Tests
  • Troubleshooting and fixing
T+49.241.9973 602
F+49.241.9973 608

Stefan Richter

Student in Electrical Engineering; Assistant.
"The interested one"

  • Software implementation C/C++
  • Software implementation Java
  • Measurements
  • Test set-ups

As a small team we are better than a one-man-show, without the excessive bureaucracy of a big company. We are fast and flexible and able to act for one another. And if your employees leave your company, we are still there for you.

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