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Your Benefit

We help you. We can support your team in all project phases or we implement the planned steps for you. Talk to us.

  • Consulting

    We give you advice concerning all aspects of an embedded project. So you can make use of our experience:

    • Master plan
    • Choice of processors
    • System software
    • Interfaces and bus systems
    • Software architecture
    • Operation and diagnosis
    • Usability
    • and more
  • Concepts, Specifications

    We develop concepts and write specifications, as to how your project demands can be met.

    You have got the task set ("We need a device that can do this!"), we develop a concept with you or for you. And from there the specifications.

  • Hardware Advice

    We don't do hardware – but we can help you with it.

    We can define the hardware requirements, so it can perform the task set. We can support you in the development of hardware, because we already know many potential problems. We can test the hardware and put it into operation.

    We are no FPGA developers, but we know enough VHDL to be able to communicate with them on the same level.

  • Control Design

    We develop digital controls which use the available processing power reasonably, which can handle the limits of actuating variables and which are fault-tolerant. This is how your drive or device works well and reliable.

    We can also develop analogue controls.

  • Software Architecture

    We help you design the right architecture to fit your task. That way you get cost-efficient and future-proof software.

    Today's complexity of software demands a methodical approach. Without the right structure of the software you will soon lose control of the situation. If the design is too complex, you will never finish – if it is too simple, it cannot perform the task or has to be re-modelled with the first change request.

  • Communication, Ethernet, Field bus

    We develop, implement and test your communication protocols.

    No matter if Ethernet, CAN, Profibus, Modbus, SPI, RS232, RS485, ...

  • Operating Concepts and Usability

    We develop operating concepts for your devices. We understand the device and know the user's way of thinking. Because your clients should just be able to use them and not have to call a helpline.

    We test the Usability of your user interfaces or websites and make suggestions for improvement.

  • Implementation

    We program and test your software in c/c++ or Java, embedded or with Windows or Linux.

    We can safely implement complex, concurrent processes, also if they have to be real-time capable and have to work with limited resources.

  • System Start-Up

    We start up your device. We not only test your software, but all functions – in our laboratory or on your premises.

    In our laboratory we can test devices up to 15 kW.

  • Troubleshooting

    If something in a complex system of hardware, software and closed control circuit doesn't work, you need people for troubleshooting who know all components involved. We are the experts who can measure and analyse, and who know how to troubleshoot an error in any component.

We can do more for you than fits on one page! Our versatility is your benefit: We don't implement details, we work out the most sensible solution for the complete task. The earlier you get in contact with us, the better.

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