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Dixiplot Documentation

The documentation for Dixiplot is included with the program as a CHM file in German and English.

Simply download Dixiplot and go to Help→Contents.


  • Reads more than 30 data file formats
    • CSV files (.csv, .txt)
    • Binary files (.dat, .data)
    • Matlab/Simulink files (.mat)
    • Labview files (.lvm, .tdms)
    • COMTRADE files (.dat, .cff)
    • EMTDC (PSCAD) files (.out, .infx)
    • LeCroy oscilloscope files (.trc)
    • Yokogawa oscilloscope files (.wvf)
    • ...
  • Optimized for big data (>500 traces, >109 samples per trace)
  • Multiple data files (with variing formats) in a single diagramm
  • Clear, fast graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Complete display of all data (no skipping of spikes, no aliasing)
  • x/t-, x/y and locus diagrams
  • Intuitive, very fast zoom functions (window, horizontal only, vertikal only, mouse wheel)
  • Separate undo/redo for zoom steps
  • Quick Info shows trace data as tooltip
  • Graphic cursor and data cursor for marking and measuring
  • Data table for inspecting individual data points even with very large data files
  • Advanced Fourier Analysis
    • Different calculation methods
    • Various window functions
    • Identification of harmonics
  • Different display modes (several Y-axes, separate diagrams, ...)
  • Fast adjustment of the diagrams: rotate the diagram, swap x- and y-axis, ...
  • XML-RPC interface for remote control e.g. using Python
  • Context-sensitive help
  • GUI and help in German and English (switchable during operation)

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